Bulk mailing is simply the act of sending a lot of email messages at once. Bulk e-mail is the legal and ethical alternative to mass mailing random e-mail addresses. The concept is sending as many people your message as possible whilst observing proper online business ethics and your ISP agreement. Bulk mailing has always been a controversial issue. It is very important to follow the guidelines and be aware of the various legalities relating to bulk mailing before you start your bulk mailing campaign.

What's the difference between Bulk Mail and Spam?

Bulk Email is 100% legal according to all US & Europe laws.

Spam is the sending of unsolicited commercial email while incorporating means of hiding your identity which is illegal. If you have read our Bulk Email Laws Section, you would already know that federal law ( s.887 ) requires that you use a valid return email address, offer a valid means of removal from your mailing lists and fulfill those remove requests within 5 days of the request. Furthermore, you must also make no attempts to fake or remove the headers in your emails.

Bulk Email ( The Legal Option )
In order to stay within federal laws so that you are bulk emailing and not spamming you must:

- Use a Valid Return Address
- Offer and honor a means of removal from your mailings.
- Make no attempts for forge or remove the headers from your emails.

If you incorporate the above policies into your everyday routine you will meet all federal guidelines. Do not forget that there are different countries with different laws and although their laws are similar to the federal law we do suggest reading them all as they do affect you.