Bulk Mailing Guidelines


Make sure it is legal to own, operate and use bulk email programs in the country or state in which you reside.

Never include any information or material or content associated with anything illegal. E-mail is NOT anonymous and you will get caught sooner or later.

Do not send e-mails to people through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection if your ISP explicitly forbids bulk e-mail. Contact your ISP to verify if it is allowed if you are unsure. If you violate an ISP service agreement you risk losing your account and/or may be subject to penalties according to their rules. If your ISP forbids bulk mailing you have two options: 1) Select a Bulk Friendly ISP. 2) Spread the amount of mailings out over time and use the e-mail program suggested by us to send out mail. Other e-mail programs send mail at speeds that are too fast for many ISP's to handle. This is how you can violate their terms.

Always include an option for e-mail recipients to remove themselves from your list.

Permanently remove all those that request to be removed from your list.

Do not e-mail letters that contain large files, video files or any extraneous data. The ideal size for an e-mail message should be under 10k in size. This is a basic courtesy only.

Never send more than 1 message to the same e-mail box within a short time period. If someone doesn't respond... assume they never will and move on.

Never forge or purposely include incorrect and inaccurate header informational fields in your e-mails. This technique may be illegal in your state or country and violates all ISP service agreements.

Always supply a valid return e-mail address.

Use an alternate or secondary e-mail account as your return address. This will keep your business and personal accounts separate. This is not required but simply recommended.