Step By Step Guide


Step 1> Determine The Product To Sell Through Bulk Email.
Most of you will likely already have a product to sell but we are sure that some of you out there are attracted by the affiliative monetary benefits that come with bulk emailing.


Step 2> Know The Target Audience That You Want To Reach With Your Bulk Emailing.
Once you have chosen a product, you now have to determine whether you want to send your email to the masses or just to a targeted select group that would be more inclined to buy your products or obtain your services. Targeted bulk mailing campaigns have started to catch on more and more. The response percentage rates are much higher, the flames (complaints) are much lower and there can be substantially less work involved. The question that comes up in most peoples minds is likely, "which will I make the most money on, targeting or sending to the masses?". Well there is absolutely no way for us to determine that without knowing the size of the lists, how well they were targeted and how many recipients are deliverable on each list. We suggest that you try both ways and see which works best for you. You must also understand that finding quality targeted email lists is next to impossible as it is very difficult to categorize an email list into different targets as per interests.

Step 3> Make Sure You Know About The Various Issues Related To Bulk Mailing.
The first thing you must know is exactly what you are getting yourself into. Bulk email and bulk mailers themselves are loathed by millions of internet users and 99% of the Internet Service Providers. Thus it becomes extremely important that you follow the Guidelines of bulk mailing and also have a thorough understanding of the various laws related to bulk mailing. Remember, bulk mailing is only fruitful if it is done in the right manner or it can have negative consequences.

Step 4> Buying The Right Kind Of Email Addresses List.
It is extremely important that you find the right quality and the right quantity of email addresses. We offer you both - quality and quantity at a rock bottom price of just $50.

Step 5> Choosing The Right Bulk Email Software.
Now that you have decided to use bulk mailing as a major tool for your online marketing campaign and have a huge amount of email addresses, you will need to select among the various bulk mailers that are available on the market. In our package we have recommended a fully functional latest software so sweet it bypasses your ISP, can mail 86400 emails a day and works while you sleep.



Step 6> Kick Start Your Marketing Campaign
Once you've got a decent amount of email addresses, good bulk mailing software and an internet connection you can start your bulk mailing campaign. Bulk mailing is by far the least expensive form of advertising but it is extremely important to carry out bulk mailing in the right manner.